A web app to help deliver menstrual supplies to unhoused women.

2017-07-08 — 2017-07-09 •🏅 Girls in Tech H4H SF 2017
  • Home page.
    Home page.
  • Delivery request page.
    Delivery request page.

What is this?

aXXess is an app for the on-demand delivery of menstrual supplies targeted to unhoused women. The app is designed to be accessible through the Internet and text message. The app also provides directions for the delivery drivers to get to the women in need.

Our team won the “GIT Favorite” award out of 25 submissions.

What was your role in the team?

I worked on the backend side of this project by creating the server, managing the database, and handling requests to the APIs that we used.

How was this built?

  • Node.js + Express for the server.
  • Google Maps API for showing directions on the driver page.
  • Twilio for the app’s text message system.
  • MongoDB for storing delivery requests.