A digital platform that recognizes emergencies and gives immediate responses.

2018-02-24 — 2018-02-25 •🏅 USC AthenaHacks 2018

What is this?

EmergAlert is a digital platform for schools to respond to violent emergencies. The platform takes video footage from security cameras and analyzes them in real-time for the possibility of someone possessing a gun or other dangerous objects on the school grounds. If it detects a possible threat, EmergAlert will notify students and school staff through text messages. The platform will inform them of the threat location and an evacuation plan.

Our team won the “Best Use of Microsoft Technologies” award out of 53 submissions.

What was your role in the team?

I worked on the backend and integrated the Microsoft Custom Vision API to analyze video footage.

How was this built?

  • Node.js + Express for the server.
  • Microsoft Custom Vision API for analyzing video footage and detecting dangerous objects.
  • Twilio for the platform’s text message system.
  • MongoDB for storing student messages to be displayed on the web.
  • Microsoft Text Analysis API for analyzing the emotion level of students based on text messages.
  • Bing Maps for displaying the school map and overlaying the danger zone.
  • C3.js for displaying graphs on the web.