A Tinder-like mentor-mentee matching app.

2020-02-01 — 2020-02-02 •🏅 UCI HackUCI 2020
  • mentr landing page.
    mentr landing page.
  • mentr login page.
    mentr login page.
  • mentr main page.
    mentr main page.
  • mentr chat page.
    mentr chat page.
  • Organized our data in Firebase.
    Organized our data in Firebase.
  • Our mockup in Sketch.
    Our mockup in Sketch.

What is this?

mentr allows mentees to create profiles and find mentors according to their preferences and needs through a Tinder-inspired card swiping process (right for yes, left for no). Mentors will then receive this request and can choose whether to accept or decline. Once matched, users will be able to message each other and schedule study sessions. Once the mentorship ends, mentors and mentees can give ratings to each other.

Our team won the “Best Use of Sketch” award out of 91 submissions.

What was your role in the team?

I turned our UI mockup into reality using Angular framework for the frontend and Firebase as the backend.

How was this built?

  • Angular for the frontend framework.
  • Firebase for syncing and storing data in real time between users.
  • Sketch for designing the UI.