A game where you have to guess different Pokemons just from their shadows.

2018-11-10 — 2018-11-11

What is this?

Who’s That Pokemon is a web game based on the question-and-answer segment from the Pokemon anime. You guess the Pokemon name based on its shadow. Hints based on the Pokemon trivia are also available. In addition, the game has settings so you can choose which Pokemon generations you would like to be included in the game.

The game is currently not available to play.

What was your role in the team?

I created the whole thing in under 24 hours! This project was ctually made during the CodeDay Bay Area 2018 hackathon. I was a mentor for my college club and worked on this project in my downtime.

How was this built?

  • Node.js + Express for the server.
  • Angular for the frontend framework.
  • PokeAPI for the Pokemon sprite and information.
  • Heroku for deployment.